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as long as they get that right, i don’t care what they say. (x)


even shows with great representation like how to get away with murder and orange is the new black refuse to acknowledge bisexuality and it’s fucking infuriating, if a character is shown to have had a past relationship with someone of the same gender or another gender they always have to reinforce and prove their heterosexuality or homosexuality to their new partner as means of a fucking character arc and it makes no sense. 


marvel give me a short about sharon’s undercover time as a nurse/steve’s neighbor and that one time she had to fight off ninjas from steve’s apartment while he was like, making dinner and sitting alone reading obama’s biography

"Declare me a god and crucify me."

heyyyy people

i am working on a big honors paper about women in film - specifically women drivers in film from the ’50s (post-war really) to the present, and i’m looking for movies that feature significant scenes with women behind the wheel. i’m focusing on action type movies that have car chases or movies that are about driving cars (fast and furious or thelma and louise etc).

if you know any off the top of your head, i would be super appreciative! i am googling and compiling lists but i can only watch so many movies between now and the end of november.

He’s down and it’s ugly! Dragons and Vikings, enemies again!


Do you think Steve will ever forgive himself for the fact that when he was the one falling, Bucky jumped?



elektra: (comixology) words by w. haden blackman and art by michael del mundo

black widow: (comixology) words by nathan edmondson and art by phil noto.

ms. marvel(comixology) words by g. willow wilson, art by adrian alphona, and colors by ian herring. guest art by jacob wyatt. cover art by sara pichelli and jamie mckelvie.

captain marvel: (comixology) words by kelly sue deconnick, art by david lópez, and colors by lee loughridge. guest art by marcio takara.

she-hulk: (comixology) words by charles soule, art by javier pulido, and colors by muntsa vicente. guest art by ron wimberly and rico renzi. cover art by kevin wada.

storm: (comixology) words by greg pak, art by victor ibáñez, and colors by ruth redmond. guest art by scott hepburn, david baldeon, and rachelle rosenberg.

thor: (comixology) words by jason aaron, art by russell dauterman, and colors by matthew wilson

Hell, I'll always fight.